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Class Dress Codes

Students who choose to study dance need to understand the importance of proper attire in class. The instructors must be able to view the dancer so proper corrections for progress may be made. Correct footwear for the field of study is imperative and any distractions on the body such as loose hair or jewelry slow down the learning process for all. The following dress codes will be enforced:
  • All ballet & jazz students will wear solid color leotards.

  • Tights shall be worn except in the case of tap, hip hop and acrobatics.

  • Pre-school students may have leotards and tights and should have pink slippers and tap shoes. Skirts, tutus, and other fun stuff is allowed unless it becomes a distraction.

  • All long hair must be tightly secured off the face.

  • No chewing gum is allowed in the building.

  • No loose necklaces or jewelry are allowed in class.

  • Students will be asked to leave class if they are repeatedly not prepared for class.
Footwear requirements will be discussed during the first weeks of class in September and will then be posted in the lobby.

Placement Guidelines
  • Returning students are placed in classes based on material learned the previous year.

  • New students with experience will be evaluated for placement.

  • All placement requests will be evaluated by our staff and any concerns will be addressed individually.

Missed Classes & Cancellations

If your student misses a class, they are entitled to a make-up class to be taken within 30 days of the missed class; pre-school students may make up at any time within the session. This includes missing due to bad weather if we do not cancel. Please consult the instructor for an appropriate make-up class. There are NO credits or refunds unless there is a compelling reason, such as prolonged illness or injury. This will be decided by the program director.

We will only offer a scheduled make-up class if we have to cancel due to a performance obligation. Notice of cancellation in bad weather will be made on the answering machine and through email. Join our mailing list if you would like to receive notifications via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are only 3 classes this month and 4 next month, why do I pay the same tuition every month?
Tuition is based on an annual fee for the 36 week school year. One hour lesson per week for 36 weeks is $540. To make paying easier, payments are divided into 10 payments of $54 or 4 payments of $135, whichever works for you.

Why must I pay for lessons that I miss due to other activities or illness?
dancers' corner is a private school that provides lessons for tuition. To meet the budget, all classes must be paid for and make-up classes taken when a class is missed. If there is no make-up class that fits your schedule, the class is forfeited. This is the only way to ensure that we will meet the budget.

Why can't I pay for individual classes?
It would be impossible to maintain our facilities and keep instructors along with a full-time office staff to administer individual class payment without raising our prices considerably.

Why do pre-school classes run in sessions while other classes do not?
We feel that pre-schoolers need shorter time frames to study than do school-aged students.

What do I do if my child wants to stop classes?
Please notify the instructor or the office immediately, before the next billing cycle. Many times other students are turned away if we feel that the class size is too large. You will not be held liable for the remainder of the 36 week period. Likewise, no refunds are made when classes have been taken within the tuition period (i.e., you will not be refunded for ½ of a month if only 1 or 2 classes are taken that month).

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