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Ages 2-4
Our pre-school program is designed to encourage the love of dance. In the ballet portion of the class, "real" terminology is used as the gross motor skills are taught through games and group activities. Tap techniques are used to explore rhythm.

Ages 5-6
Barre work is introduced along with a continuance of gross motor skill study. Tap techniques are used to introduce combinations. Improvisation (free dance) is an integral part at the end of each class.


Basic ballet technique based in the Cecchetti style is taught in its most basic form for all beginner classes regardless of age. Skills are reinforced in every level as well as positions, musical phrasing, and combinations at the appropriate level.

Pointe work is introduced only after several years of training and after a certain amount of proficiency is achieved. A teacher recommendation is required for pointe work.

Any student who is serious about a career in dance must study ballet.


A truly American form of dance, tap dancing is a fusion of many rhythmic styles of dance brought to this country. Sounds are derived by metal taps attached to shoes. Tap shoes are required for this class.

Instant gratification is achieved when the dancer hears the rhythms of the feet. Tap is performed with and without accompaniment since it produces its own music. It is the one form of dance that can be performed equally well at age 9 or 90.


The definition of jazz dance is complicated and ever-changing. Conceived in America, it is a stylized form of theatrical dance using varied vernacular, balletic and gymnastic techniques. It can be graceful and expressive (lyrical) or explosive and rhythmic. A good jazz dancer strives for balletic exactness, gymnastic strength, tap dance accuracy, modern fluidity, the dramatic expression of an actor and the sensitivity of a musician. Music used for this form might be blues, jazz, pop, Dixieland, rock, etc.

A strong ballet base with a dose of tap or music study is very helpful in developing good jazz technique.

Hip Hop

Influenced by the hip hop movement, this style of dance is punctuated by sharp poses, heavy rhythm and relatively few traveling motions. Since the motions are fairly ballistic, good supportive clean sneakers are suggested. Lots of fun for all ages, no previous dance experience is required.


Basic tumbling and acrobatic skills are taught and incorporated into choreography. The emphasis of the class is on tumbling and acrobatic skills.

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