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1. Start with wet hair. Comb straight back from the forehead.

2. Apply gel or whipped wax to the wet hair. Comb it through completely. This will hold the shorter pieces, such as bangs, together and in place.

3. Make a secure ponytail in the back center of the head above the tops of the ears.

4. Hook a bobby pin onto a hair net. Slide the pin behind the ponytail. Wrap the hair net around the ponytail to contain all the hair.

5. Wrap the contained ponytail around the elastic and place bobby pins or hairpins around the edges as you go.

6. Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray! In addition to the gel, etc., the hairspray will help contain wispy pieces that tend to escape after awhile. Spray the hair all over between numbers to keep it secure.

recital hair